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4 Man Diesel Steel Grit Recycling Machine Rentals

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Gold Standard in Steel Grit Recycling

The 4 Man Diesel Super Unit is revered as the gold standard in steel grit recycling. It sets the standard in high production abrasive blasting and vacuuming.

This steel grit recycling machine is the unit that all others are compared against. Its patented cleaning system achieves levels of grit cleanliness that are unparalleled in the industry.

The 4 Man Diesel Super Unit has blasted more sq ft. of steel than any other recycling unit in history!

These rental units are available from San Diego to Old Saybrook. Rent this steel grit recycling system on the East Coast, the West Coast or the Gulf Coast!

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  • Fully Automatic Control System
  • Holds 40 Barrels of Grit
  • Rugged, Proven Construction
  • Magnetic Particle Separator
  • Vibratory Screener/Feeder
  • Continuous Blasting System
  • Over-sized Air-Cooled Aftercooler
  • Air Drying System with Desiccant Dryer
  • 6 Component Cleaning System
  • Large Capacity Deliquescent Salt Tank
  • 6-Stage Air Wash with Separate Baghouse
  • Over-sized Particulate Filter



  • Height: 28″
  • Blower: 5,500 CFM or 4,000 CFM
  • Vacuum: 27″ Hg – High Vacuum
  • Cyclone: Prefiller
  • Dust Collector #1: 46 Bag Pulsating System
  • Dust Collector #2: 30 Bag Pulsating System
  • Fan: 1800 CFM (Powers Dust Collector #2)
  • Blast Nozzles: 4 – 6
  • Pre-Cleaner: Rockbox Rotary Screen
  • Power Plant: 350 or 275 hp Diesel
  • Fuel Tank: 225 Gallons
  • Emergency Stop System: 3 Locations
  • Trailer: Extra Heavy Duty – 45 ft
  • Air Volume: 6,000 CFM at 12” W.G.
  • Diesel Generator
  • 4 NPT Piping Standard



  • Electric Motor:
    • *300 hp at 5,500 CFM
    • *250 hp at 4,000 CFM
  • Diesel Generator: 40KW
  • Air Brakes with Antilock System
  • Dual 25K Drop Legs on Rear or Trailer
  • Certified Lift Available
  • GENSET: Marine Protection Package
  • GENSET: Sound Attenuation Package


Ideal Applications

  • Bridge
  • Marine
  • Water Tank


MES has one of the largest in industrial equipment rental fleets in the country. Inventory is available coast-to-coast, including the Gulf Coast & California.

All rental units receive a detailed inspection and systematic maintenance prior to re-entering our fleet, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency & reliability.

Steel grit recycling machines are available in daily, weekly or monthly increments.

Price breaks may be available for long-term projects. If you require a long-term rental, please let us know prior to renting the unit, so price breaks can be determined.

Free shipping may be available depending on how long the unit is rented & the location of your site.

Contact MES for questions about our 4 Man Diesel Super Unit, or click the RENT NOW! button for fast rental orders!