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Schmidt BRS – Blast & Vacuum Simultaneously or Independently!

The Schmidt BRS maximizes the use of a wide range of recyclable abrasives. It is designed to blast and vacuum abrasive independently, or blast and vacuum simultaneously (closed circuit).

The Schmidt BRS is available in 2.0, 2.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. units.

If you need a blast and recovery system that has heavy duty, high capacity components for blasting, vacuuming and dust collection, check out the Schmidt BRS 2.

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  • Sensitive job sites
  • Indoor blasting
  • Building restoration
  • Lead or asbestos abatement
  • Bridge & road maintenance
  • Barge & ship cleaning
  • Cleaning steel or concrete surfaces
  • Where open-air blasting is prohibited, not possible, or not practical
  • When you can’t or don’t want to use traditional open blasting



  • Uses a wide range of recyclable abrasives, including steel grit
  • Smooth, even flow of abrasives
  • Removes coatings & corrosion on steel & concrete surfaces
  • Eliminates dust clouds
  • Eliminates poor visibility
  • Eliminates costly, time-consuming clean-up
  • Prevents dust filter clogging
  • Quick & easy access to cartridges and filters
  • Allows blasting at lower pressures


Standard Features

  • Portable or skid-mounted
  • Pneumatic or optional electric remote controls
  • Blast pressure regulator with bypass piping
  • Urethane eductor (pneumatic vacuum pump) with 150, 225, 350 or 440 CFM nozzle
  • Cyclone dust separator/media reclaimer
  • Dust collector (dry or dry-HEPA) with automatic pulse jet cleaning
  • Thompson Valve II abrasive metering valve (urethane sleeve)



  • Differential pressure gauge (dust collector)
  • Tungsten Carbide Thompson Valve II sleeves
  • Adjustable air wash for improved media cleaning
  • Remove abrasive cut-off for cleaner start/stop
  • Electric vacuum


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