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6 Man ARS Super Unit Grit Recycling Machine

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Rent ARS Grit Recyclers: Unparalleled Performance & Grit Cleanliness

Rent the 6 Man Super Unit Grit Recycling Machine and get unparalleled performance in abrasive blasting & vacuuming!

These ARS Grit Recyclers include a patented cleaning system that sets the industry standard for superior grit cleanliness.

MES provides rental units coast-to-coast. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast or the Gulf Coast, there’s an MES location near you.
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  • Fully Automatic Control System
  • Magnetic Particle Separator
  • Vibratory Screener/Feeder
  • 60+ Barrels of Abrasive Grit Storage
  • Dual Air Drying System with Desiccant Dryers
  • 6 Auto-Fill Blast Pots
  • 6 Component Cleaning System
  • 2 Over-Sized Air Cooled Aftercoolers
  • 2 Lawrge Capacity Delinquescent Salt Tanks
  • 6-Stage Air Wash with Separate Baghouse



  • Blower: 6,400 CFM or 5,500 CFM
  • Vacuum: 28″ Hg – High Vacuum
  • Cyclone: Prefilter
  • Dust Collector #1: 58 or 46 Bag Pulsating System
  • Dust Collector #2: 30 Bag Pulsating System
  • Fan: 7.5 hp at 1800 CFM (powers dust collector #2)
  • Blast Nozzles: 4 – 6
  • Pre-Cleaner: Rotary Screen Pre-Cleaner
  • Power Plant: 450 or 350 hp Diesel
  • Fuel Tank: 240 Gallons
  • Emergency Stop System: 3 Locations
  • Bucket Elevators: 2/Unit
  • Bin Loading System: Auger Type
  • 200 PSI Code Stamped & Registered
  • 3 NPT Piping Standard



  • Electric Motor:
    • *350 hp
    • *300 hp
  • 49′ Extra Heavy Duty Trailer
  • Certified Lift Available


Ideal Applications

  • Bridge
  • Marine
  • Water Tank


MES has one of the largest fleets of industrial equipment rentals in the country. Inventory is available coast-to-coast, including the Gulf Coast & California.

All industrial equipment for rent receives a detailed inspection and systematic maintenance prior to re-entering our fleet, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency & reliability.

ARS grit recyclers are available to rent in daily, weekly or monthly increments.

Price breaks may be available for long-term projects. If you require a long-term rental, please let us know prior to renting the unit, so price breaks can be determined.

Free shipping may be available depending on how long the unit is rented & the location of your site.

Contact MES for questions about our 6 Man ARS Super Unit Grit Recycling Machine, or click the RENT NOW! button for fast rental orders!