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GBT Greener Blast

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Greener Blast Wet Blaster Creates Nearly Dust-Free Work Environment

This wet blasting machine from Greener Blast Technologies (GBT) creates a nearly dust-free work environment!

The Greener Blast wet blaster is ideal for commercial blasters, shipyards, industrial areas, residential areas and more.

For best results mix GARNET abrasive with water inside the pressure vessel of the wet blaster.

As a clean product, GARNET is safe for use and disposal. Using GARNET, the Greener Blast wet blaster uses a fraction of the abrasive (100 – 200 lbs./hour) when compared to traditional methods of dry blasting, making it a much “greener” blast machine.

With a #8 nozzle, the GBT Greener Blast consumes 150 – 200 lbs. of GARNET abrasive/hour (1 -2 lbs./square foot) and removes 20 mils (+/-) of coating.

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  • Consumes 80% Less Abrasive (compared to traditional dry methods)
  • Use with GARNET Abrasive Eliminates Fracturing on Contact (when surface is prepared)
  • Virtually Eliminates Airborne Dust as Surface Coatings & Contaminants Emulsify with the Water and Abrasive


MES has one of the largest fleets of blasting equipment in the country!

Inventory is available coast-to-coast, from Virginia to California, Florida to Washington, and everywhere in between!

All equipment rentals undergo thorough inspection and systematic maintenance prior to re-entering our fleet, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency and reliability.

Rental units are available in daily, weekly or monthly increments.

Price breaks may be available for long term rentals. If you have long-term rental needs, please let us know prior to renting the unit, so price breaks can be determined.

Free shipping may also be available depending on how long the unit is being rented and the site location.

Contact MES for questions about the GBT Greener Blast, or fill out the Rent or Buy Now! form on this page for quick ordering!