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ARS Blast Machine – 6 or 8 Man Stackable Steel Grit Recycling Machines for Rent

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ARS S8I Intermodal Blast, Recovery & Recycling System – Ideal for Demanding Applications with Job Site Space Restrictions

This ARS blast machine is available as a 6 or 8 man stackable steel grit recycling machine, and is ideal for demanding applications with job site space restrictions.

6 Man Stackable Steel Grit Recycling Machines hold 54 tons of Steel Grit with 6 blast pots/nozzles.

8 Man Stackable Steel Grit Recycling Machines hold 80 tons of Steel Grit with 8 blat pots/nozzles.

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  • Constructed with three 20′ High Cube (HC) intermodal container frames
  • Intermodal units are stacked on top of the other when in operation
  • Internal ladders provide access to upper units
  • Main electrical control panel is located in the middle unit
  • Main electrical control panel includes: motor starters, push buttons, and a 3″ (75 mm) LCD user interface to display machine diagnostics
  • All components are IEC approved
  • Emergency stop stations provided on all levels
  • Quick-connect electrical connections facilitate the integration of the units for operation



  • Vacuum

  • Electric drive motor – 350 hp (260 kW), 1800 RPM
  • 5,560 CFM free air fixed displacement blower with intake & exhaust mufflers
  • 27″ Hg (680 mm Hg) maximum vacuum
  • 36″ (90 cm) diameter cyclone for separation of heavy dust
  • High Vacuum baghouse with 12 cartridge filters and automatic reverse pulse cleaning of filters during operation
  • Recycling System

  • 8″ diameter (15 cm) main vacuum connection for customer hose
  • 15 cu. ft. (420 L) unclassified storage hopper with integrated large debris rotating separator
  • Double air-lock system for simultaneous operation of vacuum and cleaning system
  • Rotating magnetic drum separator
  • Vibratory cleaning tray
  • 5 slide air wash
  • Low Vacuum baghouse with 6 large capacity cartridge filters & automatic reverse pulse cleaning of filters during operation
  • 1600 CFM Low Vacuum fan
  • 8″ diameter (20 cm) auger for transfer of clean grit to storage bin
  • Blast System

  • Grit storage bin – 390 cu. ft. (11,000 L) volume (includes blast vessels); Approximately 42.2 MT of steel grit
  • Eight 30″ diameter (76 cm) blast vessels with audio fill and auto blowdown
  • 8 blast hose grit valves with 12 volt DC control
  • Compressed air storage tank for blast vessels – capacity 6.0 cu. ft. (170 L)
  • Air Drying System

  • 3,900 CFM capacity
  • Two 36″ diameter (90 cm) desiccant dryer tanks
  • Two 5 hp (3.7 kW) air-cooled aftercoolers
  • 2 compressed air filters
  • Two 3″ pipes with ball valve shut-offs at customer connection point
  • Intermodal Dimensions

  • 8′ W x 9.5′ H x 20′ L
  • Upper Unit Total Weight: 22,300 lbs.
  • Middle Unit Total Weight: 22,000 lbs.
  • Lower Unit Total Weight: 25,500 lbs.
  • Utility Requirements (by Others)

  • Compressed Air for Operation of Recycling System: 40 CFM @ 120 PSI
  • Compressed AIr for Blast Hoses (each): 400 CFM @ 120 PSI
  • Electrical Power Required: 460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 330 kW



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  • Industrial


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