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10,000 CFM Industrial Dehumidifier Rental

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Rent Portable Industrial Dehumidifier

MES has a large inventory of industrial dehumidifer rental units available, including the Arid-Dry 10,000 CFM dehumidifier.

The 10,000 CFM model is a portable industrial dehumidifier that’s designed for performance, durability & power.

Industrial dehumidifier rental is available on the East Coast, West Coast or the Gulf Coast!


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  • Dimensions: 193″ x 96″ x 72″
  • Weight: 7,600 lbs.
  • Fuel Type: Gas or Electric
  • Max Air Volume: 12,000
  • Moisture Removal Lbs/Hr: 295 (80°/60% RH)
  • Moisture Removal Gallons/Day: 851 (80°/60% RH)
  • Moisture Removal Lbs/Hr: 253 (55°/80% RH)
  • Moisture Removal Gallons/Day: 729 (55°/80% RH)
  • Moisture Removal Lbs/Hr: 169 (40°/80% RH)
  • Moisture Removal Gallons/Day: 486 (40°/80% RH)
  • Pipe Size: 1.5″
  • LP Inlet Pressure: 7 – 14″ w.c.
  • Natural Gas Inlet Pressure: 7 – 14″ w.c.
  • Electric Reactivation Load (230/1/60): NA
  • Electric Reactivation FLA Load (460/3/60): 292
  • Gas Reactivation FLA Load (460/3/60): 42
  • CFH Gas Max Usage NG: 718
  • Gallon/Hr Max Usage LP: 7.6


Ideal Applications

  • Restoration
  • Construction
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Industrial Coating & Painting


MES has one of the largest industrial dehumidifier rental fleets in the U.S. Inventory is available coast-to-coast, including the Gulf Coast & California.

All industrial equipment rental units receive detailed inspections and systematic maintenance, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency & reliability.

These portable industrial dehumidifier rental units are available in daily, weekly or monthly increments.

Price breaks may be available for long-term projects. If you have long-term rental needs, please let us know prior to renting the unit so price breaks can be determined.

Free shipping may be available based on how long the unit will be rented & the location of your site.

Contact MES for questions about our 10,000 CFM Industrial Dehumidifier, or click the RENT NOW! button for fast rental orders!