Industrial Industry

Industrial Surface Preparation Equipment

MES specializes in providing various types of industrial surface preparation equipment that can outlast the durability and reliability requirements of factories, facilities, treatment plants, and more. From industrial wastewater treatment plant equipment to powerful vacuum systems for factories, our equipment is built with high-quality materials to meet and exceed all industry standards and regulations. Whatever your business is in the market for, when it comes to surface preparation, our industrial equipment options are the best solution.

Why Choose MES?

We are the industry leader in surface preparation equipment, and we supply and maintain the greatest stock of systems that come equipped with the latest technology. Marine Equipment Supply is our name, so you can trust us with providing your factory, facility, or treatment plant with the right solutions for success.

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We encourage you to explore our wide range of equipment offerings for the Industrial industry. And, if you have any questions or if you’d like to inquire about a piece of equipment, please contact us because we are more than happy to help.