Our Mission

“At MES, our key mission is to provide reliable equipment and quality service without any compromises. With service centers nationwide, we are able to fulfill this mission successfully with each and every one of our customers at a moment’s notice.”– Chris Keenan, Vice President

Your Surface Preparation Equipment Rental Company

About MES

MES is an industry-leading surface preparation equipment rental company. We supply and maintain an active rental fleet with the latest technology of Steel Abrasive Blast & Recovery Equipment, Mineral & Other Abrasive Blasting Equipment, Temporary Climate Control Equipment & Temporary Power Equipment.

One key to Marine Equipment Supply’s success compared to other rental houses is its brand equity with its owners and employees. Being a relatively small and niche oriented industry, MES owners have a proven track record with the end-users in the Surface Prep industry across the nation. They have a combined experience within the industrial & commercial painting industry of more than 100 years.

With strategic locations on both the east and west coasts of the US to cover all of the Shipyards & Industrial facilities that will require this type of equipment, we can support you nationwide! In addition, each location has service technicians available 24 hours/7 days a week, to maintain production of the equipment for the end-users. For immediate rental needs or for a quote regarding your project, please visit our contact page and reach out to us.

Our Equipment Segments

  • Surface Preparation, Vacuum and Dust Collection Equipment

    Blast Pots, Dust Collectors (Electric & Diesel), & Vacuums (Electric & Diesel), & Air Prep Units are a specialty of MES. We can help size your project from top to bottom! From the right size Dust Collector to the right size Vacuum for your needs, we have the experience in the Sandblast & Painting marketing to be an asset to your company! Regardless of your project size, we’ve got well maintained equipment to help you complete it on time!

  • Steel Abrasive Blast Equipment

    MES prides itself for staying out in front with the latest technology and equipment for steel abrasive. The company recognized early on, that the demand for steel abrasive was taking a leading role in most marine and infrastructure projects; and that spent abrasive was rapidly taking a back seat. Look to us for the most productive, safe and reliable technology, from air blast equipment to engineered, trailer and stackable steel abrasive systems. Using years of experience, the owners of MES worked with the leading manufacturers of this equipment to help design units that are now the most sought after recycling equipment in the industry!

  • Temporary Climate Control Equipment

    No painting project can be complete without maintaining proper environmental conditions throughout the project. This helps protect the surface you’re blasting, the paint you’re applying, and the employees responsible for accomplishing the work! MES understands these requirements and based upon individual space sizes and paint specs, we can help size the right units. By using Dehumidifiers, Air Condition Units, & Heaters, depending on your desired needs, we will help keep your project at ideal temperature and %RH levels!